How to Hang Large Art on Staircase wall: 5 ways [HACKED]

Learn how to hang large art on staircase wall. This is a step-by-step guide for hanging art on stairway walls. It’s always a problem to figure out where you’re going to put your large art pieces. If you have a staircase with the wall space above it, this article will show you how to use that space!

I’ll walk you through 5 different ways to hang art on the wall of your staircase. My favorite is option 3 because it’s so easy and it’s not permanent. Read on for more!

Misc. tips when choosing which option to use

A lot of people think that you need a drill and a saw to hang pictures on the wall. This is not true! You do need a nail, though.

If you’re using option 1, make sure to use ladders so you don’t damage your staircase while hanging your art.

Paint will always peel if you use option 4, so only use it if you know the piece will stay in its place for at least 3 years.

Option 1: Hang your art on the railing

The first option is to hang your art on the railing. This can be tricky because you will need to buy a nail and screw the nail in the railing where you want to hang things. If you’re not very handy, this might not be an ideal solution for you.

Option 2: Hang your art using a tension rod

If you’re looking for a way to hang your art that’s semi-permanent, try hanging it with a tension rod.

A tension rod is typically used as an adjustable curtain rod. They come in various lengths and can be found at large home improvement stores or online. You’ll also need a heavy duty adhesive and heavy duty hooks (the type you use for curtains).

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This method is great if you want to store your art occasionally and don’t want to permanently attach the piece to the wall. It won’t damage your staircase and you can easily take it down if necessary.

Are you looking for a step by step guideline on how to hang heavy metal wall art? Look no further. This post will teach you how.

Option 3: Hang your art with Command Strips

I don’t know about you, but I loathe the idea of drilling into the wall and leaving marks.

Plus, my walls just aren’t that sturdy enough to support a heavy piece of art.

So what am I to do?

Luckily, there are so many other ways to get creative with your staircase wall space. One of my favorite options is hanging your art with Command Strips.

You can use these hooks to hang up anything! I’ve used them for curtains before and they worked pretty well. But today we’re going to focus on how they can be useful for art and decorating.

What you need:

– Command Strips (affiliate link)

– Your picture frames

– A drill


1) Drill holes in the back of your frame where necessary; this will be dependent on the size and shape of your frame 2) Place your frame on the staircase wall at the desired angle; make sure it’s centered 3) Place one Command Strip on each side of the frame, following the instructions provided on its packaging 4) Repeat this process with all frames on the staircase walls until they’re all hung up! You can then stand back and admire your

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Option 4: Hanging your art on the wall without damaging it


-Several small nails or pushpins

-A picture hanger that can hold your weight

-An old belt, ribbon, or string

-Tape measure


1) First, measure the space where you want to hang your art. Add about 3 inches for wiggle room. Then, use the tape measure to mark off where your nail will go at each end of the staircase wall. You’ll need to do this on both sides of the wall if it’s a two-way staircase.

2) Get out your old belt and set it against the wall just below one of your marks. The width of the belt should be aligned with the mark you drew on the wall for that section. Trace around it with pencil or pen so you know exactly where to put your nail when you hang up the art piece.

3) Tie one end of the string/belt to one side of the picture hanger and then tie it securely to hanging spot on your painting (or art piece). Now do the same thing with the other side before tying both ends together in a loop to create a hanger for your work. Finally, attach them securely onto either side of. This is a step by step guide on how to hang metal wall art without nails.

Option 5: Put a gallery wall in front of the staircase and hang everything there

  • Hang art with wire on the wall by your staircase
  • Hang a gallery wall in front of the staircase and hang everything there
  • Arrange 3 pieces of art around the stairs
  • Hang art over your staircase
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No matter what your choice is, the key is to make sure that the art is both balanced and aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t matter how you hang it, as long as the arrangement looks great and is safe for the wall and the art.