How to Hang Heavy Metal Wall Art (Step by Step Guideline)

Hanging heavy metal wall art can be a challenge. This guide will show you how to hang your heavy metal wall art in easy steps. Are you trying to find a way to hang heavy metal wall art? Are you worried about doing it wrong and having the wall art fall down? Don’t worry! With the help of this article, it will be easy for you to hang heavy metal wall art.

Hanging heavy metal wall art is not that difficult if you follow these simple steps. Not only will they help with hanging heavy metal wall art, but they will also help with other types of artwork as well. These instructions are designed to help you avoid costly mistakes and can be used on any type of artwork.

Choosing a location

The first step in hanging heavy metal wall art is finding the perfect spot to hang it. You will want to make sure that the area has enough space to accommodate the artwork and that there are no other fixtures in the way.

This may require moving furniture or even removing some items from your home. Once you have found a suitable location, mark where you want the back of the artwork to be placed on your wall with a pencil. This should be done horizontally so that you can get an idea of what it will look like when it’s hung up.

Then, measure how far down from the ceiling you want it to go by using a level or line on your wall. This is important because if this measurement is off, then the artwork won’t be straight on your wall.

Once you have these measurements, you can move onto marking where you need hooks for hanging heavy metal wall art. After all, this is what we’ll use in order to hang up our heavy metal wall art!

Preparing the art

The first thing you want to do is prepare the art. Make sure that you have a level, clean surface to work on so that you can avoid damaging the art. Place the art on the surface and set it in place so that it will not move.

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You also want to make sure that it is facing in an upward direction. It is important for the bottom of heavy metal wall art to hang on a level plane vertically.

Now, put your pencil against one corner of the artwork and use it as your guide for hanging. This will help you find where all four corners are located, which will help when hanging it.

You will also need to measure how high or low you need to hang it based on what type of frame you are using. Some frames may be flush against the wall with no space between them, while others may have a small space in between them.

Mounting the artwork to the wall

First, determine where you want to hang the heavy metal wall art. Once you have that decision, it’s time to mount the artwork to the wall. To do this, use a level to make sure your brackets are straight on the wall.

Once you have level brackets in place, use a pencil to mark where the holes for hanging should be made. Make sure you line up the marks with the edge of where your artwork will go so it doesn’t hang off of the walls too much.

Now, drill small pilot holes through the artwork with an electric or hand drill. You can also poke small nail holes into your artwork with a screwdriver if necessary.

After you’ve drilled pilot holes, insert screws into each hole,

and tighten them with a screwdriver until they’re firmly holding your artwork in place. Now that your heavy metal wall art is securely mounted onto your brackets,

all that’s left is adding nails or hooks to hang any loose items like pins or keys!

Hanging the artwork on the rod

First, make sure the wall is clean and dry. Next to the rod, put two pieces of tape with one on either side.

Measure how wide your artwork is. Now measure how tall your artwork is. Add the height to the width of your metal wall art and divide that number by 2. Write down your answer.

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Now that you have your answer, start taping this measurement on the backside of your metal wall art so it’s ready for hanging on the rod.

Next, place the metal wall art at eye level so it will be centered nicely on the rod once you’ve hung it up.

Next, take something like a hammer or a mallet and tap against each corner of the backside of heavy metal wall art until it has been secured onto the dowel.

Stand in front of each side of heavy metal wall art with one foot in front of another and lean inward to reach for the top edge with both hands. Use just one hand to hold onto this edge while using both hands to pull upwards on the bottom edge of heavy metal wall art,

until it’s hung securely on both sides on top of each other without any bumps or bends in them.

Hang heavy metal wall art from a bracket

The first thing you want to do is find a bracket that can support the weight of the artwork. The best way to do this is by calculating the maximum weight the bracket will be holding and matching it with a bracket that can handle that amount.

Once you have found a bracket, attach it to the wall in the desired location. A great way to ensure stability is taping or using adhesive on both sides of the bracket. This will ensure that the bracket doesn’t move around when you are attaching it to your wall.

Next, place your artwork against the wall so it is centered over the bracket and now hanging diagonally towards it. You will want to ensure that you measure any anchoring points before moving on so that everything lines up correctly.

Attach your heavy metal art with screws or nails by drilling holes into your art where needed and then screwing them in until they are tight. Be sure not to over tighten them as this could cause damage to your artwork.


make sure all necessary anchors are screwed in securely before hanging anything else on top of them or pushing anything against them.

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Hang heavy metal wall art from a hook

If you want to hang heavy metal wall art, you need to find a way for it to hang securely. A great way to do this is by hanging the artwork from a hook and then attaching the wire. This will make the artwork appear like it’s floating on the wall, and it can be done in one simple step.

To hang heavy metal wall art from a hook, all you have to do is attach one end of your wire (or any type of string) to the back side of the artwork and then attach the other end of the wire (or string) to a hook that’s already been installed into your wall.

Hanging heavy metal wall art from a wire or string

The first thing you need to do is measure the wire or string.

When you are hanging heavy metal wall art,

it’s best to measure the distance from the ceiling to where you want the artwork to hang. You’ll also need to measure how much distance you want between the point of contact on the wall and the artwork.

Then, cut your wire or string to that length.

Once you’ve cut your wire or string, tie one end around a hook in the ceiling or beam. Make sure that there is at least two feet of space between this point of contact,

and where your metal wall art will be hung so it doesn’t touch any wiring.

Pull on the other end until it’s tight and knot it securely.

Now hang your heavy metal wall art onto your string or wire by affixing one corner of the frame into the hole in each corner inside each eyelet. If there are no holes, then gently hammer nails into them before hanging up your artwork.

This guide will show you how to hang metal wall art without using nails.


Hanging heavy metal wall art doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Just follow these instructions and you’ll be able to hang heavy metal wall art with no problems.