How to Hang Decorative Bowls on Wall (Step-by-Step Guide)

Learn How to Hang Decorative Bowls on Wall. Decorative bowls are a great way to add some color to your walls & make your home look beautiful.  Decorative bowls can be a beautiful way to add a touch of color and life to your home. They also make for interesting additions to your kitchen, bathroom, or living room. However, even the most stunning decorative bowl would look lost if it’s just sitting on a table or hanging from a door knob. That’s where this step-by-step guide comes in handy!

In this blog post, we will teach you how to hang decorative bowls on the wall with nothing but some wire and screws. Ready? Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need

-Wallpaper on a roll

-Screws and wire

The Basics of Hanging Decorative Bowls

The first thing you’ll need to do is measure the bowl’s diameter and height. Then, measure the distance from the wall to where you want it hung. From there, use a marker to draw a straight line on your wall that follows your measurement. Now, screw in two small screws into the top of the back of the bowl. Place one screw at each end of your drawn line and make sure they are about an inch away from each other.

Next, take a piece of wire and wrap it around the two screws, ensuring that it’s tight enough not to slip off but also loose enough not to cut into your hands when you hang on it. Pull on both ends of the wire until it creates a loop that will stop the bowl from sliding downward too far.

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Finally, place your decorative bowl inside of this little loop and hang it up! That’s all there is to hanging decorative bowls!

Step-by-Step Guide

We’ll show you how to hang a decorative bowl with wire and screws:

1. Find a stud in the wall and measure where the center of the bowl will be.

2. Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs.

3. Drill through the bottom of the bowl and screw it into place with some screws.

4. Cut your wire into two pieces that are about 3-5 inches long each, then tie them together to create a woven loop at one end.

5. Pull both ends of the wire through the hole in the top of your bowl, then start weaving it back and forth across the front of your bowl until you reach halfway around it (or whatever length you prefer).

6. Twist both ends of wire together and secure with a knot or staple so they stay put, then cut off any excess wire on either side if needed. The loops should now be facing outwards from either side of your bowl—in other words, they should be on opposite sides of the pot!

7. Hang your decorative bowls from hooks or nails using these woven loops as hangers!

Learn how to display decorative bowls with our step-by-step guideline.

Choose the wall you want to hang your bowls on

Start by choosing the wall you want to hang your bowls on. Think about what type of bowl you want to hang and where you prefer it placed. For example, if your bowl is a candle with a candlestick holder, it would be best to place it over a fireplace or near a window.

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Next, make sure that there is enough room between the top of the bowl and the bottom of the wall for your wire.You should also measure how tall your bowls are from their base to their top with at least 4-5 inches in between each bowl. If there isn’t enough space for all of them, consider hanging them higher or lower on the wall as needed.

Drill a hole in the wall using a drill and a screwdriver

Decorative bowls need a hole drilled into the wall to hang from. To do this, you will need a drill and a screwdriver. First, measure the height of the bowl you want to hang. Next, find a spot on your wall that is at least two inches higher than the height of your bowl. Make sure this spot is sturdy and won’t break while drilling through it by using a stud finder to identify wood or metal studs in the house. Once you’ve found your spot, use the screwdriver to make indentations along one side of the drywall until it makes an indentation about 2-3 inches long. Then use the drill to start making holes on either end of the 2-3 inch long indentation until it breaks up enough for you to remove chunks of drywall with your hands.

Be sure not to drill into any outlets or pipes that might be behind the drywall! If there are any, use caution when removing drywall so you don’t damage them.

Measure the bowl that will be hung, adjusting if necessary for spacing

The first step to hanging a decorative bowl on the wall is to measure the bowl you’d like to hang. You want to make sure there’s enough space between bowls so that they don’t accidentally hit one another. If you have two bowls, for example, you’ll want about 4-5 inches of space in between the two. If there are multiple bowls, then you’ll want about an inch or two of space in between each one.

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Measure the circumference of your bowl, including the lip. This will help ensure that your screw holes are evenly spaced apart from one another.

Begin to drill a hole in the bottom of the bowl

The first step is to drill a hole in the bottom of the bowl. You want to make sure that your hole is at least as large as your screw or bolt so that it can fit through easily.

Fill the holes with screws from the inside for stability

First, make sure the bowl is level. Fill the holes with screws from the inside for stability. If you are hanging your bowl over a door, then screw them into the door frame.

Next, cut some wire or string to go around the bowl on one side. Then attach it to your first screw with a knot.

Lastly, use another piece of wire or string to go around on the other side of the bowl and attach it to your second screw with a knot.

That’s all there is to it! You’ve now hung your decorative bowl without any problem!