How to Hang Art on Brick wall without drilling: 7 Ways

7 Ways on How to Hang Art on Brick wall without drilling. Learn how to hang art without drilling holes in your walls. We all love to decorate our living space, but if you have a brick wall, you may want to hang some art. Hanging art on brick walls can be tricky. When you drill into the brick, it cracks and looks terrible. So, how do you hang art without drilling into your brick wall? Here are 7 amazing ways that will help you choose the right method for your needs.

Hanging art on brick without drilling

As we’ve mentioned, it can be tricky to hang art on a brick wall. You might want to mount the art with a wire, or you might want to use an adhesive to ensure it stays in place. However, drilling will cause visible cracks in your brick and make it look bad in the long run.

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can avoid drilling into your brick walls when hanging art. Here are 7 suggestions for how to do it:

– Mounting the art with a wire

– Mounting the art with a wire and using an adhesive

– Hanging the art from a string

– Hanging the art from wire clips

– Applying Command strips

– Applying Command hooks

– Using magnets

Gentle Hooks

One of the best ways to hang art on brick walls is with gentle hooks, which will pull the artwork off the wall without damaging it.

Gentle hooks are hooks that have a rubber or soft plastic tip so they can grab onto your brick and hang your picture without puncturing it. These hooks come in two varieties: one that has a cup-shaped opening and one that has a thin, flat head.

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The cup-shaped opening gently cups over the surface of your brick and then tightens for a snug fit. The flat head will wrap around your brick like a belt and tighten for a secure grip.

Command Hooks

Command hooks are one of the most popular ways to hang art on brick walls. These work best for lightweight pieces, like paintings or prints. The hooks can be used in different shapes and sizes, depending on the type of art you place up.

With these hooks, you don’t have to worry about drilling into your wall. All you have to do is use the adhesive strip to attach the hook to a surface and it will stick securely. You can even hang heavier pieces with these hooks because they come in a variety of strengths.

Another benefit of using these hooks is that they’re easy to remove if someone wants to take down your piece. To remove the hooks, all you have to do is pull them off the surface and then stick them back together with the adhesive strips when finished.

The downside? The adhesive strips might not stick as well if you live in a moist area, so this may not be an ideal solution for someone in a humid climate area who’s hanging heavy pieces of art.

Hanging Art Using Wire

Wire is a great option for hanging art on brick, but it can be difficult to find the right wire. You want to find a wire that will hold up against the weight of your artwork. Usually, you need a 10-gauge wire.

Some people will use an existing hook on their brick wall and then clip their artwork onto the wire. If the hook is high enough, this method works well. Just make sure you secure the wire onto the brick with clamps or screws so it doesn’t fall down after you hang your art.

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Another common way is using a frame without a back to frame up your wall art. The frame is hung from either one or two hooks that have been screwed into the brick wall at different levels with lag bolts and heavy duty masonry anchors drilled into the mortar joints between bricks with augers. The hooks are secured with washers and nuts as needed, and then framed art is hung from wires attached to those hooks as needed as well. This method allows for creativity since you can vary your heights of hooks and change out pieces of framed art as desired so they look good together.

If you don’t have any existing hooks on your brick wall, there are also pre-hung wooden frames

Sliding Picture Wire Across Brick Wall

You can buy a heavy-duty wire for hanging on your brick. You can also find a wire with a clear cover so you can’t see the wire from the front. Then, attach one end of the wire to the back of your frame and slide it across the brick wall.

This will work best if you have a larger frame that’s not too heavy. If it’s too heavy, then this method won’t work as well because you’ll need to drill into the brick to secure the wire against the wall.

This is going to be a more temporary solution since it won’t look nice after awhile (so make sure you enjoy your art while it’s hanging!).

With the help of a friend to hang art

Hanging up art on brick walls can be difficult, but there is a way to do it. Get a friend to help you and lift the frame so that they are holding it vertically. Now drill a hole into the top of the frame and push a wire through. They can now hang it up without any worries.

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Using a Magnetic Strip.

The most basic way to hang art on a brick wall without the need for drilling is to use a magnetic strip.

This is a great option if you want to put a few pieces of art up, but still want the freedom to change them out with ease.

All you have to do is find an adhesive metal strip that has strong magnets. You then attach this strip to the back of your artwork, and then stick it onto the wall. This will hold it in place while also giving you the ability to take it down with ease.

If you’re looking for something more permanent, there are many other options available. It all depends what kind of look and feel you’re going to be going for!

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There you have it! 7 ways to hang art on brick walls without drilling.

We hope you found some of these ideas to be helpful and we’d love to hear how they work for you. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to decorate our homes and this article has given you a few more ideas on how to do it without drilling holes in your walls. With some creativity and a little help from the items you already have at home, you’ll be able to hang up some beautiful art on your brick wall without ever using a drill.