How to Hang a Painting on Drywall (Step-by-Step Guideline)

Learn how to hang a painting on drywall. This step-by-step guideline will help you get the job done right. Hanging a painting on drywall isn’t as easy as it sounds. So, before you start this project, there are a few things to consider.

Does the painting have a frame? If so, the frame probably has predrilled holes that will allow you to hang it on drywall using hooks or picture hanging hardware.

If the painting does not have a frame, and it is too large to fit in any of your frames, you will need to use a jigsaw and create an opening in the drywall for mounting.

This article provides step-by-step guidelines on how to hang a painting on drywall. Follow these steps and you’ll be hanging like an expert in no time!

All About Framed Paintings

If your painting does have a frame, you’ll need to measure the distance between the holes in the frame for hanging. The space between these holes will dictate where you need to drill your mounting hooks or install picture hanging hardware.

A good rule of thumb is to use hooks instead of hardware if there are more than two holes in the frame. This will allow you to hang the painting securely and comfortably on drywall without always having to drill new holes.

If there is only one hole in the frame, however, it’s best to use picture hanging hardware. This will prevent the artwork from drooping and give it a more secure hold on drywall.

Hanging a Painting on Drywall

: Step-by-Step Instructions

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The first step in hanging a painting on drywall is to find the wall studs.

This is accomplished by using a stud finder and tracing your way around the room, marking each of the studs you encounter.

Next, measure the height of the artwork and divide it by two. Use this measurement to determine the center point on the wall where you want to hang it.

Now place a nail at this point and nail it into place. Hang a level from one side of the nail to ensure that it’s positioned correctly before nailing it into place with finishing nails.

Hang brackets or hooks on either side of your painting and attach them to the top and bottom of your nail. Use wire or thin picture hanging hardware — like wire — to hang your painting on drywall.

Prepare the Frame

The first step is to prepare the frame. If the painting has a frame with predrilled holes, skip to step 3. If not, follow these steps:

1) Determine how high you want the painting on drywall. This will depend on personal preference more than anything else.

2) Measure and mark the height of your painting on drywall with painter’s tape (use a level if possible). Make sure it’s even with both sides of the wall for stability.

3) Using a jigsaw or handsaw, cut out an opening in the drywall that is 2-4 inches larger than the size of your frame (to allow for space on all four sides).

Hang the Painting on the Wall

1. Take the painting to the wall where you want to hang it. Position it so you can see how much of the drywall is covered, or if there are any gaps on either side.

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2. To calculate the height for hanging, measure from the floor to the top of the frame, then add 1-2 inches for wiggle room and hardware clearance. Mark your measurement onto the wall with a pencil or marker.

3. Using a straight edge and level, draw a line across your marked measurement on your wall at about an inch below the desired height. This will be your guide for hanging the painting on drywall.

Framing a Painting without a Frame

If you’re hanging a painting on drywall that doesn’t have a frame, you will need to create an opening in the drywall.

We recommend using a jigsaw because it will be easier to control. You’ll also want to use a metal cutting blade with the jigsaw to help you cut through the drywall.

To hang your painting, find two studs so your screw can go into the wall without cracking the drywall. Use a level and pencil to mark where your screws should go and then drill pilot holes for those screws using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than your screw. Insert wood plugs into those holes and then insert your screw into the first hole and use it as a guide for drilling into the second hole. Finally, use painter’s tape or masking tape around the edges of the opening to hold back any gypsum board particles as you remove them from around the opening.

Cleaning Up

and Preparing for Hanging

Before you hang a painting on drywall, you need to clean the wall where the painting will be hung. You want to remove any oils or other substances that might prevent the paint from sticking to the surface.

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Additionally, before hanging the painting, you want to add a coat of primer and one coat of finish paint to the wall to create a solid base for the mounting process. This will ensure that your effort goes smoothly and your painting stays put.


Now you know how to hang a painting on drywall. But what if the painting is not framed?

In this case, you can hang the painting without a frame by following these steps:

1. Put a piece of mat board on the back of the painting and staple it to the back of the painting.

2. Put a second piece of mat board on the back of the painting and staple it to the back of the painting.

3. Mount the painting on the wall with screws and washers.

4. Cut a mat board to fit in front of the painting.

5. Place this mat board over the top of the painting and staple it to the back of the painting.

6. Mount this mat board on the wall with screws and washers.

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